Weight Management

Healthy weight loss and optimal health are more than just a result of what you eat and how much you exercise. Weight gain, fluctuations and difficulty losing weight may also be the result of genetics, hormone imbalances, chronic pain with mobility restrictions, illness or chronic disease, sluggish digestive functioning, food sensitivities and chronic inflammation. There are many weight loss programs that exist but few that consider a holistic approach. At Nika Natural Health, we take pride in being the only multidisciplinary center that creates customized weight loss and weight management plans with you, your lifestyle and your goals in mind.

Because your health is our priority, we have developed our Weight Loss Program with your health in mind. We focus on addressing any underlying concerns that may be affecting your ability to lose and maintain your new weight. This program helps you create a lifestyle that is healthy, fun, and sustainable and is designed for weight reduction and management for the long term.


We Have Solutions

You are unique and we recognize your health and wellbeing requires and individual approach. From assessment and lab testing to personalized Health and Wellness Action Plans, our goal is to resolve your health concerns and improve the quality of your life. Are you looking for answers? We have solutions.

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